Lily's Great Summer Adventure

A pastel top-down view of an apartment. Inside, a person is waving her arms. There are two cats swishing their tails. A laptop and envelope sit on tables. A pastel garden scene with tall grass waving in the breeze. One of the flowers is waving, too. A snail sits by an empty garden bed with a cat treat in the corner. A dark, richly saturated underground cave. A giant snake is blocking a river of lava with its body. Blinking eyes and sparkles pierce the gloom. Lily is standing in front of the now-empty riverbed. In the corner of a sandy beach, there is a sand castle. It is furiously blowing fire out of its front gate. It blows with such force that the whole sand castle moves up and down. A quiet, sandy cave has a conference room table inside. An envelope and a crown sit on the table.

Retired (for now) on March 19, 2019.

I worked on this Bitsy game during my summer robotics internship, as a surprise for my wife (then girlfriend). She is the main character, and the game is my fantastical imagination of what she and the cats might get up to while I was away.

All of the pixel art and two-frame animations are hand-made by me. It was going to have a simple One Small Favour-style task chaining gameplay, with letters and cat treats to discover throughout. The letters will contain semi-autobiographical narrative snippets of me writing home.

I hope to turn this into something playable one day. It's a special project for me. I want to explore themes of hope, isolation, and returning home.