Pyx Rasterizer

Two low-resolution cubes are floating in space at different orientations. Each face is a different color. Two cubes with their faces covered in dense lines of repeating patterns of color. Faces closer to parallel with the screen have thicker lines. A smattering of low-resolution triangles overlap one another. They are varied in color and dimensions, but all have one side that is horizontal on top.

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Started on November 3, 2023. In progress.

A triangle rasterizer using Pyxel as a graphics library.

The goal is to work our way up to what the graphics card does with triangles to render a 3D model. I got to do this in a class in college and had so much fun, but always wanted to see what it would be like to reimplement in a fantasy console with low-res constraints. John wanted to better understand what goes on behind the scenes in 3D rendering, so we have joined forces! Working on this with him weekly has been a highlight of my Recurse Center batch.