Thursday, October 19, 2023

Set up an Atom feed.

Today's Plan

Setting up an Atom feed

I set up an Atom feed and validated it. The Eleventy docs has a good plugin and instructions. I chose Atom instead of RSS or JSON based on an uneducated guess (and it being the default in the instructions).

I ran into a slight problem using the Eleventy plugin, because the supplied template doesn't specify a layout. Because of the Eleventy data cascade, the feed template then used the default layout I've assigned to the directory it's in. I suspect this might be an easy problem to run into, and the fix was really easy, so I suggested a change to the documentation to help others avoid my mistake.

I haven't really used an RSS reader since Google Reader (its death is a formative memory of mine), so I'll have to see what the modern software offerings are in order to test this feature.

Task Ideas