Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Added a 404 page. Started reading Rust Book again.

Today's Plan

404 Page

I've added a very simple 404 page for when someone tries to visit a page that doesn't exist. Currently, it just links to the home page. It might be nice to revisit that someday once there's more content to navigate on here. Maybe more links. But for now, the home page is exclusively navigation, so there isn't anything else I would need to put.

Rust Book

I've been going through this Rust book, which I think is the same as the official Rust book, but with added quizzes and highlighting? They're researching the usage and comprehension of the book at this site to make it more effective.

I got halfway through section 4.4 today.

I've also encountered Yet Another Rust Resource, which I might go through quickly once my Recurse Center batch starts. It's intended to quickly get someone up to speed enough to do pair programming, but it has activities that are best done with a partner.

Task Ideas